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E8514 Weyauwega Road
New London, WI 54961

Mukwa Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinance 1-82 Ordinance 1-82 Designating Snowmobile Route
Ordinance 2-83 Ordinance Prohibiting Issuance of Alcolholic Beverages for Nonpayment
Ordinance 1-94 Recycling Ordinance
Ordinance 2-97 Public Nuisances Ordinance
Ordinance 3-99 Driveway Culvert Mailbox Ordinance
Addendum One to Ordinance 3-99 Driveway Culvert Mailbox Ordinance
Ordinance 2-00 Animal Control Ordinance
Amendment One to Ordinance 0200 Animal Control
Amendment Two to Ordinance 0200 Animal Control
Ordinance 3-00 Rafts Piers Ordinance
Ordinance 8-03 Ordinance Relating to Issuance of Citations
Ordinance 11-03 Ordinance & Amendment one to ordinance 11-03
Ordinance 1-04 Road/Street Construction Specification & Acceptance
Ordinance 10-05 Adopting Robert's Rules of Order for Town Website
Ordinance 1-06 Establishing Town Plan Commission Ordinance
Ordinance 4-06 Comprehensive Plan Adoption
Ordinance 0107 Land Division Subdivision Ordinance
Amendment One to Ordinance 0107 Land Division Subdivision Regulations
Ordinance 1-08 Speed Limit Ordinance Bean City Road
Ordinance 3-08 No Parking Dawn, Sunset, Pamela Ordinance
Ordinance 1-09 Nonmetallic Mine Ordinance
Ordinance 2-09 Six TonBroadway Street Ordinance
Ordinance 3-09 Regulation Disposition Of Waste Material Ordinance
Ordinance 4-09 Regulate The Construction Of Ponds Ordinance
Ordinance 1-11 No Parking Ostrander Road
Ordinance 2-11 Emergency Services
Ordinance 2-12 Extend Town Officer Terms Due To Election Law Changes
Ordinance 1-15 Procedure Changes for Testimony for Board of Review
Ordinance 2-15 No Parking Feb. - June Dey and Shaw Rd.
Amendment to Fee Schedule-Ordinance 1-96 Building Inspector
Ordinance 2-16 Adopt Amendment Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 1-18 Adopt Amendment Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 2-18 Ordinance 2-18 Prohitibing Sale and Regulating use of Fireworks
Ordinance 1-19 Ordinance 1-19 No Parking on Ferry Market Broadway Streets.pdf
Ordinance 2-19 Ordinance 2-19 Adopting an Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 3-19 Ordinance 3-19 Buoy Ordinance
Ordinance 1-20 Ordinance 1-20 ATV Ordinance
Resolution 60-1-11 County Zoning Ordinance Approval
Resolution 61-2-11 Establish Wards
Resolution 64-1-12 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement MABAS
Resolution 64-2-12 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement MABAS Addendum C
Resolution 65-3-12 Establish Public Participation Procedures Amend Comp Plan
Resolution 66-4-12 Fill Vacancy in Town Board
Resolution 68-1-14 Establish Two Polling Locations
Resolution 69-1-15 Resolution Supporting Levy Exceeding Limit
Resolution 70-2-15 Resolution Electors to Exceed Levy Limits
Resolution 71-3-15 Resolution Electors to Adopt Town Tax Levy
Resolution 72-4-15 Adopting Waupaca County All Hazards Mitigation Plan
Resolution 2-2017 Plan Commission Resolution Amendment to Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 1-8-16 Plan Commission Resolution
Resolution 74-2-16 Resolution Just Fix It
Resolution 75-1-17 Resolution Vacate Streets & Alleys
Resolution 76-1-18 Resolution Town Transportation
Resolution 77-2-18 Resolution Emergency Response Plan
Resolution 78-3-18 Resolution Reduce Broadway Street Right-of-Way