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Website last updated on June 16, 2016

June 20, 2016         6:00 p.m.



Chairperson calls meeting to order.



Roll call of officers.


It is understood, that in Accordance with Town of Mukwa Ordinance 10-05, this Meeting will Adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order.


Notification of this meeting was given to the Press on June 11, 2016 and the Final Agenda was posted in the three designated places on June 17, 2016.


1.   Approve:   May 16, 2016, Monthly Town Board Meeting Minutes                      


2.  Treasurer:   Monthly Treasurer’s Report    


3. Budget/Vouchers:   Approval and Payments of Vouchers 26081 through 26131, with Exception of Void Check #26082, dated May 17, 2016 through June 20, 2016, and Direct Withdrawal of Social, Security, Medicare & Federal Taxes of $1,565.02; for a total of $290,572.24.


Showing of Hands for Public Forum – Keep Subject and Question Brief.

4. Town of Mukwa Residents – Five Minute Public Forum


5.  Building Inspector Report:


6.  Animal Control Officer/s:  (a)Animal Report Forms;  (b)Citation Letter/s Issued in Past Month


7.  Rails to Trails – Michelle Backes


8.  Terry Dorschner – Extend Mulroy Road Right-of-Way Due to Land Split


9.  Approvals-Annual License Renewals:  **See Below**  (a)Liquor; (b)Cigarette; (c)Operator; (d)Campground Operators; (e)Mobile Home Park Operator


10.  Fireworks Permit – Display:  Sue Murray Hucklberry Acres Campground on July 2nd


11.   Roads:

            (a)Monthly Report;                             

            (b)Equipment-Report/Repairs/Purchases Needed:  

            (c)Culverts:  (1)Dey Road; (2)Weyauwega Road (3)Waupaca County Highway Department 50/50 Culvert Payment 

            (d)Road Projects Follow-up


12.   Waupaca County Zoning & Other Meetings:  

Attended: (1)May 19th – 5:30 p.m. Waupaca County Towns Association Meeting – Manawa; (2)May 24th – 5:00 p.m. – Town of Mukwa Board of Review – Town Hall; (3)May 25th – 10:00 a.m. Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Public Hearing – Courthouse;

Upcoming; (1)July 26th – 6:00 p.m. Ambulance Consortium Meeting – Weyauwega City Hall


13.  Election Reminder:  August 9th Primary – Please see Clerk Zielinski to Register or Request an Absentee Ballot


14.  Correspondence Received:  


15.  Motion to Adjourn

                                                /s/Jeannette Zielinski, Municipal Clerk


POSTED:        June 17, 2016                           Published:       New London Press Star-Legal on June 16, 2016

Town of Mukwa Website:  www.mukwa.us





9.  Approvals-Annual License Renewals:  (a)Liquor; (b)Cigarette; (c)Operator; (d)Campground Operators;

(e)Mobile Home Park Operator


(a)Liquor License-Class “A” for Offsale Only:

#1 Himalaya Petroleum LLC dba:  Royalton Station – Ramji P Marasini

#2 Triple G Investments- Northport Convenience Center – Georgia Gehrke

Class “B” Combination:

License # Issued:                                                                                (b)Cigarette Licenses:

#1 Pine Tree Supper Club                                                                    Jayne’s Bean City Bar, Grill & Ballroom

#2 Jayne’s Bean City Bar, Grill & Ballroom – Jayne Deeg                  Wolf River Trips & Campground

#3 Wolf River Trips & Campground – Janet Koplien                          Hucklberry Acres, Inc.

#4 Hucklberry Acres, Inc. – Susan K. Murray                                     Pup’s Irish Pub

#5 Pup’s Irish Pub – Michael T. Loughrin                                           Phil’s Still

#6 Phil’s Still – Philip D. Heimbruch                                                   Guth’s Resort

#7 Log Cabin Bar – Lynn Buntrock

#8 Guth’s Resort – George R. Seater, III


(c)Operator’s Licenses:

(1)Royalton Station:                                       (6)Hucklberry Acres, Inc.                  (9)Log Cabin Bar:

Rajan Panthi                                                    Diane Penny                                        Linda Mentzel

                                                                        Julie Fronczak                                     Krystal Monty

(2)Northport Convenience Center:                Lois Cunningham

Kristi Moeller                                                   Eugene P. Murray                                (10)Guth’s Resort:

Carol Dorsey                                                   Joyce Dain                                           Beth Eick

Matthew Clark                                                 Jean Harvath

Jared D. Gehrke                                                           Connie Wilz

Jazzmine Morin-Muthig                                               Randall J. Stupecky

Debra J. Engels                                                            Amy Hart                                 (d)Campground Operator Licenses:

                                                                        Brooke Krieglstein                   Guth’s Resort

(3)Pine Tree Supper Club:                                                                             Hucklberry Acres, Inc.

Debra L. Olson                                                            (7)Pup’s Irish Pub:                 Wolf River Trips & Campground

Brian Affeldt                                                   Colin M. Loughrin                               1. E8799 Larson Road, Weyauwega

Sue A.Wood                                                    Donna S. Kempf                                  2. E8041 Cty. Rd. X, New London

Corinne A. Dorsey                                           Lousie Rossi-Kabe

                                                                        Lindsey Ernst

(4)Jayne’s Bean City Bar:                             Gabrielle Euhardy                    (e)Mobile Home Park Operator License:

Daniel P. Deeg                                                 Karissa L. Walbruck                Oakwood Estates – Scott & Ann Krautkramer

Angela Diem                                                    Kayla Schuh                                        59 Lots

Christopher Prellwitz

Adam Stepniak                                                            (8)Phil’s Still

Kendra Marten                                                 Brenda Graham

Margaret W. Levezow                                      Katie A.Selk

Erin Hammen                                                  Jamie DuFrane

                                                                        Chasidey Fisher

(5)Wolf River Trips & Campground:                        Karmin Heimbruch

Jacob Pinch                                                     Scott Heimbruch

Sam Van Alstine                                              Natalie Schuelke

Brittney Hogan                                                            Teresa Myers

Brett Handschke                                              Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller                                                 Robert M. Luedtke

Jess Evans

Anna Van Alstine

Miranda Moede

Hannah Farrell

Mark Flease

Joe Kraft

Kelly Schwartz

Mattie Gould





Town of Mukwa

E8514 Weyauwega Rd, New London, 54961

Phone/Fax    920 982-9890

www.mukwa.us   clerk@mukwa.us




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