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Monthly Board Meetings held the Second Tuesday of each month at 6:00p.m. - Mukwa Town Hall.


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November 9, 2021             6:00 p.m.


Chairperson calls meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call of officers.

Notification of this Public Hearing has been published in the New London Press Star on October 28th  and posted in the three designated places on October 23, 2021.


1.  At this time we will review the Proposed 2022 Budget.


2.  Motion by Board to adjourn the Public Budget Hearing.





Chairperson calls meeting to order.

Notification of this Special Town Meeting of the Electors has been published in the New London Press Star on October 28th  and posted in the three designated places on October 23, 2021.


1.  To approve the 2021 Town Tax Levy to be collected in 2022 pursuant to Sec. 60.10(1)(a)  of Wisconsin Statutes.


2.  Motion to adjourn by the Electors.






Chairperson calls meeting to order.


It is understood, that in Accordance with Town of Mukwa Ordinance 10-05, this Meeting will Adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order.


Notification of this Meeting was given to the Press on October 29, 2021 and the Final Agenda was posted in the three designated places on November 5, 2021.


1.   Approve: (a)October 12, 2021 Monthly Town Board Meeting Minutes; (b)October 19th Special Town Board Meeting Minutes


2.  Treasurer: Approve Monthly Treasurer’s Report – October


3.  Budget/Vouchers: Approval and Payments of Vouchers 28531 through 28557, dated October 13, 2021 through November 9, 2021, & Direct Withdrawals of Social Security, Medicare, & Federal Tax of $1,335.46 & the October 20th We Energies Invoice of $286.26;  for a total of $19,619.50.


Showing of Hands for Public Forum – Keep Subject and Question Brief.

4.  Town of Mukwa Residents – Five Minute Public Forum


5.  Animal Control Officer/s:  (a)Animal Report Forms; (b)Citation Letter/s Issued in Past Month;


6.  Building Inspector: Monthly Report


7.  Review & Approve:  Graichen/GFL Recycling Contract


8.  Liquor/Operator License Approvals – Bean City Bar & Grill:  (a)Transfer of Liquor License to New Owners – Richeson’s Bean City Bar & Grill, Inc; (b)Operator Licenses:  (1)Ryan Richeson; (2)Jamie Richeson


9. Certified Survey Map Approval – Annette Larsen – Property on Broadway & Ferry Streets


10. Plan Commission: (a)Follow-up to October 20th Meeting; (c)Next Plan Commission Meeting Date:  November 17th @ 6:00 p.m.


11.  Slow No-Wake Buoy: Review & Amend Ordinance 3-19 Regulating Boating Upon the Water of the Wolf River


12.  Roads:         (a)Monthly Report;

 (b)Equipment-Report/Repairs/Purchases Needed – Snowplow Blades/Hardware;

 (c)Fahrner’s – Follow up

 (d)2021 Road Construction Projects – Update – All projects complete; paid final invoices

 (e)2022 Road Construction Projects – Culvert Replacements;


13. Waupaca County Zoning & Other Meetings:  Attended: (1)November 2nd @  10:30 a.m. - Waupaca County Planning & Zoning – Mulroy Public Hearing - Courthouse

Upcoming: (1) November 11th @ 4:30 p.m. - Waupaca County Zoning Board of Adjustment – Courthouse, Room LL42 or by Zoom; (2)November 11th @ 6:00 p.m. - Waupaca County Towns Association Quarterly Meeting – Waupaca County Highway Department or by Zoom


14. Correspondence Received:


15. Motion to Adjourn. 



Published: Press-Star Legal – November 4, 2021    Posted & Town Website:  November 5, 2021





NOTICE:  Town of Mukwa Raft Owners

REMINDER:  Raft Removal by October 31st


Per Town of Mukwa Ordinance 3-00 – Regulation of Fishing Rafts & Floating Piers (Docks) on the Wolf River:  Section 3.1, Number 6 – Rafts must be removed from the river & placed above (landward) of the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) by October 31st of each year. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chairman, Jim Curns at 982-2168 or, Clerk, Jeannette Zielinski at clerk@mukwa.us or 982-9890.

                                                                        /s/Jeannette Zielinski, Municipal Clerk

                                                                                    Town of Mukwa


Posted:  October 9, 2021

Publish:  Buyer’s Guide – October 21st  

               Press – Legal – October 28th  




Winter Road Maintenance Policy

Adopted October 21, 1996


Table of Contents




Liability to Clear Roads                                                                               

Emergency Calls                                                                                

Non-Authorized Use                                                                          

Icy and Slick Surfaces                               

Road Priorities

Circumstances or Exceptions to this Policy

Snow and Ice Left in the Road by Homeowners, etc.

Where to Call for more Information or Complain

Mailbox Policy

Employee Requirements



Town of Mukwa roads are subject to a wide variety of adverse conditions.  Freezing rain, ice, snow and drifting snow along with combinations of these factors are common.  Normal winter storms can be expected between November and April.  The responsibility for keeping the towns approximately 43 miles of roads passable in winter belongs to the Town Board.


The following policy and plan has been adopted by the Mukwa Town Board dated 10-21-96.


Liability to Clear Roads:

Section 81.15 of the Wisconsin State Statutes states, “No action may be maintained to recover damages for injuries sustained by reason of an accumulation of snow or ice upon any bridge or highway, unless the accumulation has existed for three weeks.”


Our goal is to maintain the roads in the Town of Mukwa to a higher standard than state statutes require.  We strive but do not guarantee to provide passable roads in a reasonable amount of time as weather, equipment, and budgets allow.


Each storm event is often different in total accumulation, temperature, winds, prior conditions, moisture content, time of day, variation in local accumulations, and accuracy of forecast.  This policy must be flexible enough to deal with unique aspects of each storm event.  The amount of snow accumulation and time of day at which the storm occurs has a significant effect.  High winds may cause roads to quickly fill in again with drifted snow despite efforts taken to make roads passable.


We utilize area forecasts from radio or TV.  Combinations of input from our Board members or acting road supervisor, snowplow operators, other municipalities and local constituents may be used to learn of impending or actual road conditions.


Emergency Calls:

During snow and ice control periods the town’s crew will respond to emergency conditions to the extent practical.  The Town may, but is not required to respond to unverified emergency requests direct from the public.  The request normally comes from the appropriate emergency agency (i.e. fire, police, ambulance.)


Non-Authorized Uses:

Road crew will not plow or salt/sand roads or drives on private property.  Will not be allowed to tow or push stuck or stalled vehicles, and not be allowed to plow for hire, without authorization from the Town Board.  The Town Board will not take any responsibility for removal of snow, ice, or accumulation that is plowed or otherwise placed in driveways or private entrances.


Icy and Slick Surfaces:

Due to lack of storage facilities, the Town will contract with outside suppliers, to purchase on an as needed basis, sand, salt and any other required material needed to improve the roads’ condition.  We are therefore subject to availability or shortages.  Salt, sand or combinations will commonly be used in some areas where extra traction is desired.  Other materials may be used on an experimental basis.  Some conditions are best improved through natural weather changes and additional material may not be applied as a large accumulation can actually slow deicing.


Road Priority:

All the Town’s roads will be mapped and ranked for priority.  Operators will be provided this map.  The sequence will commence as follows.


First priority roads will include the Towns most frequently traveled roads such as Bean City, most of Manske, Jennings, Dey, Broadway, Tank, Larry, and others.  Town snow plow operators will be instructed to plow accumulations of two (2) inches of snow or more and keep these first priority roads in the best condition of the three priorities.


Second priority roads will be roads connecting large numbers of people to the towns’ first priority or county roads or state highways.  Examples of these roads include Lyons, Klatt, Huntley, and others.


Third priority roads are the least traveled (something has to be last) and will not always be maintained to the same standard as first and second priority roads.  Examples of these roads will be Gorges, Markman, Pine Ridge, Sun Ray, and others.

Amounts less than two (2) inches are difficult to effectively remove with plows and may be left.  In extreme conditions or times of equipment breakdown the Town may have to hire outside municipalities or contractors to assist in operations.


Circumstances or Exceptions to this Policy:

Some limiting circumstances and exceptions to this policy will exist from time-to-time.  Some examples include but are not limited to the following.  Equipment breakdown or unavailability.  Spring thaw load limits or otherwise soft road conditions.  Qualified operators unavailable or delayed.  Fuel unavailability due to power outages.  The Town Board or acting member(s) may suspend operations of road maintenance for the purpose of safety to the equipment operators due to poor visibility, blowing snow or other hazards.  Operation would resume when practical and cost effective conditions resume.


Snow and Ice Left in the Road by Homeowners, etc.:

It is illegal to plow a driveway, sidewalk, alley parking area, or other area and deposit any snow back into the roadway.  Owners are liable for fines and damages.


Where to Call for Information and Complaints:

Comments, compliments (we like those) or complaints should be addressed to Board members.  Legitimate complaints will be investigated and discussed as needed by the Board members to improve the winter maintenance program, where practical.


Complaints addressed to spouses or children of Board members will be given consideration if conveyed in a respectable and accountable manner.  No spouse, child or grandchild will ever be expected to deal with rude, belligerent, or offensive behavior.


Complaints involving individual operators must be submitted to the Town Clerk in writing with full address and phone number(s) and signed by the accusing party.  These will be dealt within person at the scheduled monthly meetings.  All people involved must have the opportunity to be present at that time.


Mail Boxes – That Perpetual Target for Snow Plows:

Operators are instructed to be very cautious near mailboxes.  In most cases, a properly installed mailbox will permit a snowplow wing to clear snow very close to the box.  Most cases of damaged mailboxes are caused by heavy snow hitting the box.  The mailboxes are not usually hit by the plow or wing itself.  The Town will repair or replace a mailbox, if it was properly installed, was hit by us, and we noticed or were notified.  The repair will not take place until as soon as practical after the plowing and salting/sanding is complete.  This will be done to the best of our ability and circumstance.  You may wish to do the repair yourself.  A standard issue mailbox will be used as a replacement.  Ornate or elaborate mailbox systems cannot be replaced by us.  No part of any mailbox should reach closer than three and one-half (3 ½”) feet from the edge of the blacktop and the bottom of the mailbox 40 inches from the ground.


The Town assumes no responsibility for lost mail, inconvenience, or delay.


Employee Requirements:

All employees of the Town will be required to follow the Town of Mukwa employee policy, a separate document, in addition to this policy.


The winter road maintenance policy shall be deemed to be enforced after its passage and approval.

Approved by the Mukwa Town Board as of October 21, 1996.


/s/Gordy Freeman, Chairperson

/s/Jim Curns, Supervisor #1

/s/Neil Freeman, Supervisor #2








**Please make out a separate check for your dog license fee

along with proof of rabies vaccine & send with your tax check.


                    The owner of a dog more than 5 months of age on January 1st of any

                    year or 5 months of age within the license year, shall annually, or on

                    or before the dog becomes 5 months of age, pay the dog license tax

                    and obtain a license.  Dog licenses are due by April 1st of each year.

                    After that date, there will be a late fee of $5.00 per dog, plus the cost

                    of the license.  THERE ARE NO FORMS TO FILL OUT BUT:

                    Three things to remember:

                    1.  Send or bring your rabies certificate.

                    2.  $3.00 for spayed/neutered -- $8.00 if not.

                    3.  A self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the license (tag),

                    and your rabies certificate.

                    Mail/Drop Off:  Treasurer, Brenda Grove,

                    E8514 Weyauwega Road, New London, WI 54961


Posted:  November 10, 2018



Publish: Legal with Box – December 20th & 27th  







Boat launch fees are $5 per day or purchase an annual sticker which is $25 for in-county residents and $35 for out-of-county residents.  The annual sticker goes on the inside of your vehicle windshield.   

Second stickers are $10.  In order to get a second sticker for $10, BOTH VEHICLES must be registered to the same person or same address (copy of registrations are required).  

The County boat launch passes are good for Gills Landing and Shaws Landing on the Wolf River, Little Wolf Boat Launch on the Manawa Mill Pond, and Columbia, Taylor, Dake, Miner, and McCrossen Lakes on the Chain O'Lakes.

For more information contact the Parks Department at 715-258-6243 or e-mail


Jeannette Zielinski, Town of Mukwa Municipal Clerk has the County Boat Launch Stickers available during office hours.  I am usually in the Town Hall Monday – Thursday in the evening (I also work at the New London Housing Authority) and on Friday.  Feel free to email me:  clerk@mukwa.us or leave me a message at 982-9890 to set-up a time to stop in.






Published:  December 7, 2017 Press Star – Legal Notice

Final Agenda Posted/Town Website:  December 8, 2017                     www.mukwa.us





Link to Waupaca County Website to look up your Tax History